The Magic of Spanx

What Makes Spanx

Spanx Magic

1. We

We hold lots of patents & we love to problem solve.

We create things for you that have never been done, and we make everything else better.

Spanx Magic
Spanx Magic
Spanx Magic

2. We


until we get it right

We Iterate

2. We iterate


until we get it right

When was the last time you tested something 60 times to make sure it works? For us, that’s normal. That’s how committed we are to making sure our products are the best they can be. Not only that, but we also wear-test EVERY single size we offer. Most companies only test a medium (usually on a mannequin) and use that as the base for all other sizes. Isn’t that wild?! Every body is different, so why would you use one as the model for all? That’s also why within each size, we test on different ages and body types and get direct feedback from the women wearing the product...because mannequins can’t tell us how they feel.

3. We obsess

We obsess

and every single detail.

From stitches per inch to the type of yarn in the stitch, even the placement of a seam, we are particular in perfecting every detail. If we can't find the best fabric, we create it.

We Obsess
We fit on

4. We fit on

We fit on real women

and we've never played by the “industry's” rules.

We assume nothing and fit on everyone, every size and we custom make adjustments needed by size. The factories that we work with often return our specs thinking we've made a mistake. We have to tell them it's no mistake. It's the magic.